Movie: What’s on Your Plate?

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Last night I watched the movie “What’s on Your Plate?” with my 9-year-old and 11-year-old daughters.

“What’s on Your Plate?” is a documentary that follows two 11-year-old girls in New York City as they set out to investigate where their food comes from, how far it travels, how it is prepared, etc. They interview farmers, food activists, storekeepers, and many others as they visit farms, supermarkets, fast-food chains, and school lunchrooms.

I loved this movie because it was educational, inspirational, and eye-opening for my girls. As they were watching, they had a lot to say. My 9-year-old mentioned how lucky we are to have farms all around us and to have access to fresh, local produce all summer. Both of my girls were inspired by this movie. Without any suggestions from me, they both decided they wanted to challenge themselves to eat only REAL foods for one week. (LOVE that!) 🙂

I thought this movie was a perfect introductory food documentary movie for my girls.  I loved that it wasn’t overly negative. It focused more on the “good” in eating REAL foods than it did on the “bad” in eating processed foods.   The movie aligns with my mission to teach my girls to respect their bodies. I think this movie should be shown in every school to help bring awareness to children about the importance of respecting their bodies and eating healthy.

Check it out!  You can see the trailer here.  🙂

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