Documentary Review: The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

Documentary Review:  The Truth About Cancer:  A Global Quest

Hosted by Ty Bollinger

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“When a man has his health, he has a thousand dreams.  When he has lost his health, he has but one.”

Over the past 9 days, I have invested many hours watching all 9 episodes of the docu-series, “The Truth About Cancer:  A Global Quest,” hosted by Ty Bollinger.

It was a very informative series that tells the stories of people who have beat cancer through the use of alternative therapies. It describes many different treatments that have been successful in curing cancer when used instead of, or in conjunction with, conventional treatments.

I enjoyed learning about these alternative therapies, and I deeply appreciate all of the hard work the entire crew put into making this information available to us.  Some of the “truth” was very disturbing.  For example, they told the stories of several pediatric patients who were forced to use conventional treatments, despite the wishes of the child or their parents.

My only criticism about this documentary was that I felt the general attitude toward the conventional methods and conventional doctors and oncologists was overly negative.  I do believe there is some good in everything, and while my personal preference would always be to go the natural route first if possible, I have heard of stories where conventional methods have worked successfully for some people, but that is not mentioned in the documentary.  Because of the negative stance this took toward conventional treatments, I was very hesitant to share these episodes with friends because I did not want to stir up any negative feelings in those I know who have lost loved ones to cancer using conventional methods.  However, I ultimately decided that the past is in the past, and if this information can help save a life in the future, it is important that it gets out there.

After listening to all the stories of the cancer survivors, these are some of the key things I noticed and what I learned about the treatments, tips, and resources that are available:

  • FAITH – I noticed that every cancer survivor shown had a deep faith in God and faith in the ability of their own body to heal itself.
  • DETOX – I learned that one of the first things these patients did was detox their bodies as part of their treatment plan. Some of the ways they used to detox their colon, kidneys, liver, and lymph nodes were through juicing wheatgrass and other fruits and vegetables, fasting, herbs, coffee enemas, and colonics.
  • SUPPORT – Each of these cancer survivors had a deep support system. They were deeply loved and supported by close friends or relatives.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALTH was one of the main focuses of their healing process. Eliminating stress from their lives was a key factor in their healing.  Some also worked on letting go of their fears, and one spent a considerable amount of time dealing with past pains until he could make peace with each event.
  • NUTRITION played a huge role in the healing of all of these patients. They all changed their diets to eliminate sugar and processed foods and to eat a diet of REAL foods.  Many of them strictly followed a raw, vegetarian diet during their healing process.
  • Many of them added cancer-fighting foods to their diets, such as green pepper, eggplant, turmeric, ginger, wheatgrass, eggplant, and hot peppers.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS, especially Frankincense, Myrrh, and Cannabis oil.  Sandalwood and lavender oils were also mentioned.
  • NATURE.  Many of them spent a lot of time out in nature and took advantage of the healing properties of nature. From the sound and smell of the ocean, to the plants that we eat and the sun that shines on our skin to produce Vitamin D, everything in nature is medicinal.
  • SUPPLEMENTS.  Many of them began taking vitamins, especially Vitamin C, D, B17, LifeOne, and Living Fuel 
  • Infrared sauna or infrared heating mats
  • Light & Sound Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Laetrile – Vitamin B17 from Apricot kernel pits w/hypothermia
  • GRATITUDE.  Many of them practiced gratitude. In general, they seemed to all have a positive attitude and outlook on life.
  • Chiropractic – “The doctor of the future will give no medicine,  but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.“~Thomas Edison
  • Heat therapy – heat kills cancer cells
  • IV therapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Micronutrient therapy
  • Essiac Tea
  • Earthing – Walking barefoot on the beach or in the grass.
  • And many other therapies were mentioned.

Here are some resources that were mentioned:

I believe knowledge is power. It is important to know that there are so many other treatment options available in addition to the conventional methods of surgery, chemo, and radiation.  There are as many effective treatments out there as there are types of cancer.  I personally cannot recommend any of these specific therapies, but I encourage you to do your own research before trying any of them.  Having this knowledge could help you save a life one day…possibly even your own.

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14 thoughts on “Documentary Review: The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

  1. My problem is that it is a plethora of claims but gives no sites for scientific research to back those claims up. Plus, dismissing conventional, scientific based methods is no different than any marketing ploy using scare tactics to promote their books, products, and websites.

  2. Love this review! Absolutely rings true. I’m more confident with my choice to go the natural route. My brother is seeing success using a combo of a chemo pill with herbal medicine. The mind-body-spirit connection must be addressed in healing anything, especially cancers.

    • Brian, please, if you are going to use any natural remedies, do so together with conventional medical treatment. Bear in mind that a huge proportion of conventional drugs are copied from natural sources (plants, fungus etc), the idea that drugs are unnatural in some way is a bit deceptive.

      • Thanks for your feedback William. I healed from a near-death experience with AIDS many years ago with a mind-body- spirit approach. My Naturopath had healed from terminal liver cancer at the Gerson Institute while he worked as a Psychiatrist. Then went on to study Naturopathy and helped many survive cancer in Montreal. I believe in integrative medicine so long as the meds do not damage the immune system, the main system we need to enhance. to properly cure diseases like cancer.

  3. I watched episode one last night. It was enlightening and I also felt hesitant to share because of the lack of balance. When I stumbled upon your review I really appreciated how thoughtfully it was put together. I like the way you distilled the pertinent information down into an informative and useful review without heavy handed judgement on either side. Well done.

  4. I agree and thank you for this great review. I am watching it and know a lot of what they are talking about but am learning a lot more. However, there is an imbalance to the docu series which is why I wanted to see some insightful reviews. Thank you for this one and the great summary.

  5. Just watched the first episode. Firstly, I oppose Western medicine & only rely on natural treatments. Years ago I cured a condition I had called Ankylosing Spondylitis, doctors were clueless with what to do. Great to expose the corruption in the medical industry, however, the number of times different people brought up the holocaust to support their argument undermined any legitimate research they provided. Anyone who has spent even 2hrs researching would know the Holocaust was fabricated by Zionist Jews and promoted by the winners of the war. I don’t know this, but I will sum up my research quickly. Number 1 cause of cancer is vaccinations, best prevention is drinking lots of pure water, fastest cure is to do a water fast for 21-30 days taking hydrogen peroxide.

  6. I watched most of the programme and also had mixed reviews. I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I’ve had 1 dose of chemo. I actually watched that first episode the night before chemo and felt very uncomfortable being told how everything I was doing was evil. One particular friend has told me what I’m doing is totally wrong & they wouldn’t have anything to do with the medical route.

    The thing is I’m not stupid ! I’ve been aware of health & nutrition for years. I eat a mostly meat free diet & if I do occasionally am fussy & it has to be british & organic & from a traceable farm shop. I’ve had fresh juices for over 10 years, eat brown rice, never have microwave meals, lots of fish & veggies & water. Never smoked but yes I do like the odd glass of wine & cheese plate & dark chocolate & I cycle and walk fairly regularly. I also haven’t had cows milk for years chose soya or almond & mow goats milk.

    So it was a big shock to have this to deal with. But as a lot of the things on the documentry are things I’ve been doing for years I decided to do the medical route but to up the green smoothies & now have Linseeds etc. I guess I’m going with medical plus a lot of health & nutrition & hoping for the best.

    I’d like to try cannabis oil which was mentioned on the documentry but it’s illegal so have no idea how to get it.

    • Hi Becki
      I just read your post and a lot of what you said rang true for me. I’m trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I haven’t gone as far as you but I try to eat well, not too much meat, lots of veges and juices. I like a glass of wine too but try to keep it to a minimum. I also keep active and enjoy a range of sports.
      If I was diagnosed with cancer I would take your approach.
      I hope that your treatment is going well for you.
      Best wishes

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  8. A very balanced review, thankyou Stacy. I find sometimes, those who are so focused on a point of view or a way to deal with things, that they feel they cant control, can become one eyed! but I can see a more balanced and even approach thru your review.

  9. Thank you so much this is one of the best reviews I have read, I have a strong scepticism regarding pharma which I think is healthy but have to keep reminding my self not to thrown the baby out with the bathwater and apply an integrated approach where possible. There are truths in all approaches and to find the truth that works for you, may be best to integrate many. Loved it you have helped many with your rational views.

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