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THE Technique to Help You Overcome Your Fears, Phobias, and Limiting Beliefs

Would you like to overcome your fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs?  Of course you would!  We would all love to release our fears, but sometimes we hang onto them because it feels safe to stay right where we are in life.  But if you are ready to take your life to the next level, you need to make the decision to let go of these fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same rut, sabotaging your success, and preventing you from growing into the person you were meant to be.

There is a technique that can help you find relief from stress, anxiety, pain, fears, limiting beliefs, and more.  This technique can be beneficial in all areas of your life, including your health, wealth, relationships, level of happiness, and much more.

But here is the BEST thing about this technique:

You can use it anytime, anywhere, it doesn’t require the assistance of anyone else, it is absolutely free, and it is very simple to learn!   It sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it really does exist, and I know from experience that it really does work! 🙂

What is it?

The technique is called EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping.

It is a tool that has proven to be highly effective in helping people to overcome their fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, weight struggles, financial worries, and other issues they may struggle with in life.  Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.  You use your fingertips to tap on specific points on your body while voicing your fears or other issues that you would like to improve in your life.

My Story

I know from experience that Tapping really works!  One of my daughters developed some physical health issues last year.  After many doctor visits and tests and many school days missed, the doctors and specialists could find nothing physically wrong with her, but she insisted that the symptoms still existed.  These health issues caused her a great deal of anxiety, which resulted in the development of some fears that really starting taking over her life.   She became afraid of going to school.  She was even afraid to go to sleep at night!  We began tapping on these issues and discovered some underlying fears that were contributing to these bigger fears. We discovered the reason she was afraid to go to school was because she had witnessed a student vomiting in the classroom. She was afraid the same thing would happen to her.  We tapped on these issues every night.  She looked forward to our tapping sessions because they really put her mind at ease and helped her to relax so she could fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.  If we skipped a night, she would wake up several times in the middle of the night in a panic, feeling like her throat was blocked.  Within a few weeks after we started tapping, all of her fears were gone and all of her health issues were completely resolved!  It’s been almost a year now, and thankfully none of her health issues (or fears) have returned!  Thanks to tapping!  It definitely seemed crazy at first, but I am a believer in it now! 🙂

Learn How to Tap from the Experts for Free

Would you like to give it a try for yourself?  The picture below from Thriving Now shows the tapping points on the body.tapping images

To learn exactly where the tapping points are and for help on what to say, Jessica Ortner offers the perfect beginners guide to tapping in this video.

If you would like to learn more about Tapping, visit The Tapping Solution to watch more instructional videos for free, learn the science and research behind it, and download some very useful tapping sessions to help reduce stress (these are the sessions I used with my daughter.)  There is even a film on tapping called The Tapping Solution Documentary, and a book by Nick Ortner called The Tapping Solution.

Please understand that some of the more traumatic issues you may be trying to overcome may require professional help. If you begin tapping and an issue comes up that feels like it is too much for you to handle yourself, please seek the guidance of a professional counselor.

Good luck, and if you have (or have had) great success with tapping, I would love to hear your story.



Overcoming Anxiety Through EFT Tapping

“Energy medicine is the future of all medicine.” ~ Dr. Oz

As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, my 11-year-old daughter hasn’t been feeling well for about 2 months, and it has been causing her a great deal of anxiety.  While we are still working with the doctors to figure out the cause of her symptoms, we have found a way to calm her anxiety.  I thought I would share how EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has helped us.

One night about 2 weeks ago, my daughter woke up at 4:30 am in a panic.  She said her throat felt blocked.  She could barely swallow water, and she was terrified!  I was scared, too, but since she could talk and breathe just fine, I knew the biggest problem was her anxiety.  I recalled the nights of her waking up with croup as a baby.  I remembered the cold night air always seemed to help, so I opened the door and had her breathe in the cold air.  It didn’t help.  I told her to sit on the couch and try to relax.  We took some deep breaths together.  Although this swallowing issue was brand new, she had been waking up each night not feeling well for several weeks, and I had no idea what to do.  I silently prayed to God to guide me because I was at a loss. . .and then the idea came to me to try EFT tapping with her.  I began teaching her how to tap.  She was hesitant at first and she thought it was a crazy idea and she felt silly doing it, but eventually she followed along with me and soon enough we were both talking and laughing together.  I taught her a breathing technique I had just learned the day before while listening to one of  Tony Robbins’ CD’s (breathe in 4 times through your nose, then exhale 4 times through your mouth.)  She got a kick out of that! 🙂  We continued to tap and she relaxed enough that she was able to fall back asleep on the couch.  She woke up a few hours later and her throat was much better.  She was able to eat breakfast and then went off to school.

That night, as bedtime approached, she got more and more anxious.  I went to TheTappingSolution.com and downloaded the Tapping for Stress Relief CD (it is free!)  My daughter and I followed along as Jessica Ortner guided us in the 7-minute long Evening Clearing Tapping and then the 8 minute Evening Affirmation tapping.  As soon as the second one was over, my daughter was asleep!  And she didn’t wake up once that night complaining of not feeling well.  She slept through the night for the first time in weeks, and it was great!  Since then, the Evening Clearing Tapping and the Evening Affirmation Tapping have become a nightly habit for my daughter.  She has been sleeping so much better thanks to the tapping (when she does both of them…if she doesn’t do the Evening Affirmation Tapping, she usually wakes up).  It really works!

What is EFT Tapping?

Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.  You use your fingertips to “tap” on specific points on your body while you think about your specific problem and voice positive affirmations.  It helps you get to the root cause of your issues and remove the emotional barriers that are negatively affecting your life.  Tapping has deep healing capabilities, and for those who have doubts about its effectiveness, it is even backed by science and research studies.

I first discovered tapping in February 2013.  Somehow I was led to the World Tapping Summit 2013, and I signed up for it and immersed myself in it for 10 days.  I listened to every presentation and learned how tapping could help in every area of my life.  I was impressed that some of my greatest mentors like Cheryl Richardson and Wayne Dyer were promoting this, so I decided to learn all I could about it.  Like my daughter, I thought it was weird at first and I felt silly doing it in front of the computer, but I became more comfortable over time.  Once the tapping summit was over, I didn’t use it at all because I really didn’t feel like I had a need for it at the time.  To be honest, I felt like I had wasted my time learning it.  When the World Tapping Summit aired this year, I decided not to sign up because I felt like I still had no use for it and I doubted whether it really worked.  Since my time is very precious to me, I didn’t want to “waste” my time on that again.  Little did I know that a few weeks later, it would greatly help my daughter with her anxiety issues and help both of us to regain our sleep at night.  Now I look back on those 10 days I spent in February last year and I can see what a huge gift that was, and I am so grateful I took the time to learn it.  Everything happens for a reason, right? 🙂

Tapping is an amazing tool!  I highly recommend that everyone learn how to do it.  You never know when you will need it or when you can pass on the knowledge to help someone else.  It is so quick and easy to learn, and once you learn it you will have that tool and knowledge for the rest of your life.   I love the fact that anyone can do it, anyone can learn it, and you don’t need any fancy equipment.  The power of your mind is an amazing thing!

Learn to Tap!

TheTappingSolution.com – this website has everything you ever wanted to know about tapping!  It will teach you what tapping is, why it works, how to tap, and so much more!  I highly recommend checking it out for yourself and giving yourself the gift of the knowledge of this amazing tool! 🙂

Peace & Blessings! 🙂