January Wellness Challenge: Self-Love

On a scale of 1 – 10, how well do you know yourself?  How much do you love yourself?  Would you like those numbers to be higher?

If you would like to get to know yourself better and love yourself more, join me in taking the 31-Day Self-Love Challenge throughout the month of January.

When we commit to taking the time to get to know ourselves better and love ourselves more, our priorities begin to change and the things that need to change in our lives automatically take care of themselves! As a result, we become healthier (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and we are able to help those around us in a more loving and authentic way!

It is not necessary to purchase the book to take this challenge.  Follow me on my Facebook page Stacy Rancourt for daily tips and exercises to help you get to know yourself better and love yourself more (based on my book, The 31-Day Self-Love Challenge.)


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20 Ways to Love Yourself More


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