The 31-Day Self-Love Challenge

The 31-Day Self-Love Challenge: Recognize Your Worth and Discover a Life of Purpose, Peace, and Authenticity

in Just 15 Minutes a Day


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Do you want to live a more authentic, peaceful, and purposeful life?

Do you want to live your life to the fullest and use your natural gifts and talents to make the world a better place?

This 31-day guided journal will help you learn to recognize your worth, embrace your uniqueness, identify your purposes in life, and develop the habits necessary to become healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Each day you will receive a question or task of the day to help you get to know and love yourself more.

The challenge is to spend 15 uninterrupted minutes focusing on the topic of the day. You will be gently guided to reflect on your life (past, future, and most importantly, learning to live in the PRESENT). Many topics are covered to help you honor yourself and your time, but the three primary objectives are to help you find LOVE, Purpose, and Balance in your life. In addition, you will be encouraged to embrace your uniqueness and your creativity, and you will be guided to prioritize your time and identify your natural gifts and talents so you may use them to help make the world a better place.

This 132-Page Book Contains the Following Topics:


  • Introduction and Tips
  • Day 1:  Identify Your Accomplishments
  • Day 2:  Set Your Goals
  • Day 3:  Enjoy the Little Things in Life
  • Day 4:  Who Are You?
  • Day 5:  A Life of Purpose – Setting Priorities and Clearing the Clutter
  • Day 6:  Embrace Your Uniqueness
  • Day 7:  A Day of Rest & Practicing Presence
  • Day 8:  The Stages of Your Life
  • Day 9:  The People in Your Life – Forgiveness
  • Day 10:  Identify Your Mentors
  • Day 11:  Be the Change You Want to See
  • Day 12:  Everything is a Gift
  • Day 13:  Wishes
  • Day 14:  A Day of Rest & Practicing Presence
  • Day 15:  Your Bucket List
  • Day 16:  Unleash Your Inner Artist
  • Day 17:  Overcoming Fears, Phobias, and Limiting Beliefs…
  • Day 18:  Giving Back
  • Day 19:  The Attitude of Gratitude
  • Day 20:  The Perfect Day
  • Day 21:  A Day of Rest & Practicing Presence
  • Day 22:  Acts of Kindness
  • Day 23:  Your Physical Health
  • Day 24:  Never Stop Learning
  • Day 25:  Share Your Wisdom
  • Day 26:  What Really Matters
  • Day 27:  Lifetime Achievements
  • Day 28:  A Day of Rest & Practicing Presence
  • Day 29:  Happiness IS the Way
  • Day 30:  Living.  Loving.  Making a Difference
  • Day 31:  Final Day – Review Your Accomplishments
  • What’s Next?
  • Recommended Reading and Resources

Where to Buy:

The 31-Day Self-Love Challenge is available on Amazon or CreateSpace for $17.99.

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